3 Seat Sedilia & Piscina

When the chancel was extended in 1320 the south wall incorporated a piscina for washing the altar vessels, and a sedilia with three seats for the clergy.

The piscina is in the circa 1320 extension of the Chancel and its design accords with that date but original work is not evident.

The three recessed seats made of stone with polished shafts were for priests to seat in.

The niche (Piscina) beside it was for the disposal of holy water used to wash communion vessels.

Sedilia and piscina not as old as they seem!

The three seat sedilia and piscina were part of the original 14th century extension (circa 1320) of the Chancel. Its design matches with that date, but the original work is not evident.

A letter from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners’ architect in 1873 includes the sedilia and the piscina in items which were restored. The poor condition of the plaster today is due to later generations using paint that did not allow the walls to breathe.

A drawing from 1820-30 shows a small window in the upper part of the eastern, Priest’s seat, but at some point in time it has been filled in without trace.

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