Bright Ideas for Praying with Children


Holly Barton, our Children’s and Families Minister, explains how we are going to use different fun things to help children pray and connect with God.

These videos are offered as Part of the Thy Kingdom Come 2020 global prayer initiative being held between Ascension and Pentecost (21st-31st May).

TKC Day 1: Jesus Forgives

Holly will be focusing on Jesus. Jesus came and he forgave us our sins (the bad things we do), so we could be reconnected with God. It’s really hard to forgive other people when they hurt you. However today we are going to ask God to help us to forgive someone.

Ideally you will have some lego blocks, jenga or puzzle pieces to do this activity. If necessary you can improvise using some pieces of paper and glue if necessary!

TKC Day 2: Praise

Today we are praising God for all the good things in our lives, as we splash in a puddle. If it hasn’t been raining, you will need a container of water to make your own puddles.

TKC Day 3: Thanks

We are thanking God for the people in our lives with a home-made spinner.

To complete this activity you will need card, scissors, colouring pencils and string.

TKC Day 4: Sorry

We all say, do, and think things that aren’t positive or good for other people or ourselves. Today we will be saying sorry and accepting God’s forgiveness.

Every time you pop a bubble, say sorry for something. In addition you can follow some of the bubbles with your eyes. As they pop on the ground you can be certain that God forgives you.

To complete this activity you will need some bubble solution and a wand. Alternatively, you could make your own solution using some washing up liquid and water in a jam jar. Blow the bubbles through cupped hands (NB young children will find this more difficult).

TKC Day 5: Offer

God loves everyone and reached out to us by sending Jesus. Today we are prayer walking and reaching out to people.

As you walk, wheel, jump or skip along, think about and pray for people you know. You can also pray a blessing on people you don’t know. Think about who might live or work in the places that you are passing.

TKC Day 6: 5 Friends

For day 6 of Thy Kingdom Come we are being asked to pray for 5 friends. It can be hard to pray consistently for friends over time, so we are going to use the water to share God’s love and help us to pray for our friends.

To complete this activity you will need kitchen roll, scissors, a felt tip pen and a bit of water.

TKC Day 7: Help

Today we are looking at the word help and how we can show God’s love by helping people. The video includes the story of the Good Samaritan and suggests how we can help others by giving them food.

Holly suggests items that children can donate to their local food bank via the donation box in a supermarket.

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TKC Day 8: Adore

Nothing can separate us from God’s love. His love never changes whatever we do. After offering ideas for prayer, Holly suggests creating and sending people a letter to show we love them.

TKC Day 9: Celebrate

The Thy Kingdom Come prayer journal today talks about the lost son. Holly tells the story and explains how the father always kept a look out for his son and celebrated when he finally came back.

Today we celebrate that God is also looking for us. He loves us and wants us to know his love. There are lots of ideas of how we can celebrate the 5 friends (chosen on day 5) that we are praying for.

TKC Day 10: Silence

As we come to the last day in this Thy Kingdom Come series, we hope to hear God.

It’s really hard for some people to be quiet. But sometimes it’s really important. Christians believe that God can speak to us when we are quiet. For example, through words or pictures in our heads, a memory that comes to mind, or a feeling in our hearts.

So, find a quiet place where you can be silent, even for just a minute. Ask a parent or a person you live with to time you. Focus on something nearby and be quiet.

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