14th June – Morning Worship

Welcome to our Sunday service. Listen, pray and join in with the service by starting the embedded YouTube playlist below. This week sees the start of a new sermon series on extraordinary women. This carries on from the series last year, and links to those sermons can be found at the bottom of this page.

Old Testament Reading: Genesis 18: 1-15
New Testament Reading: Romans 5: 1-8
Gospel Reading: John 19: 23-30


Order of service:
  1. Welcome
  2. Hymn – Brother Sister let me serve you
  3. Readings
  4. Hymn – Tell out my soul. Unfortunately the version Sally refers to at Arundel Cathedral cannot be embedded in the playlist and has been substituted. The intended version can be viewed here.
  5. Gospel reading
  6. Sermon by John Swanson
  7. Introduction to Creed
  8. Creed – This I believe
  9. Intercessions
  10. Hymn – Lord for the years
  11. Blessing, Dismissal, finishing with No Ordinary Mother Mary by Headley Kay
Previous sermon series on Extraordinary Women

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