Frequently Asked Questions

Is the design final?

Having consulted extensively we expect the current plans to be final. Aspects of the interior finishes will continue to be refined.

How much will the project cost?

The total build cost for church re-ordering and the toilet annexe (including contingencies and measured risks) is £1.4m.

How long will the project last?

Total construction time is estimated between 9 and 12 months. The extension can be completed while the church is in use.

How realistic is the timetable for development?

We are committed to making these plans a reality. However, we have thought about contingency plans if all the funds are not in place by the required deadlines.

Where will the church meet while the church is closed for renovation?

Services will be held in the Parish Church Hall.

Where can I see detailed drawings?

The architectural plans are displayed in the church.

Why are toilets so important?

We want the church to be accessible to everyone. At the moment the elderly and people with disabilities and health issues attend services and events hoping they will not urgently require these facilities. This is unacceptable and a factor in limiting the potential additional usages for the church building.

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