War Memorial

In memory of all those who gave their lives (or returned home) in service of our country in two world wars

The names of the Leatherhead men who gave their lives in the Great War are listed on the centre panel of the oak War-Shrine.

The names of all who served in WWI are listed on the side panels. The RBL Roll of Honour commemorates the fallen of both WWI and WWII.

The triptyck (three panelled outdoor war shrine) was donated by the ladies of the town and placed in the Parish church after the dedication of a permanent War Memorial in 1921.

The History of the Triptyck

121 names are listed alphabetically by surname in two columns on the centre panel of the triptyck. The month and year of their death is also shown. Those who served are on the Side Panels. The starred names denote those killed in action.

Leatherhead’s high casualty rate during WW1 led to an early call for the fallen to be commemorated by a roll of honour.

The Triptyck was carved by C. E. Grantham from a design submitted by the women of Leatherhead who funded it. The inscriptions at the top and bottom of the centre panel read:

Grant them O Lord/ Eternal Rest
Greater love hath no man/ than this, that a man lay/ down his life for his friends.

It was originally dedicated by the Bishop of Winchester on 21 March 1917, when it was first unveiled on the south side of the Clock Tower that stood in North Street. Following the creation of a permanent stone memorial in the same street, the triptych was relocated to the Church. The Vicar of Leatherhead rededicated it on 4 December 1921.

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