Tower & Belfry

An imposing 15th century church tower with beautiful views of Leatherhead, the Mole Valley, and painted by landscape artist, Turner (1775-1851)

The tower was completed in 1480.

Originally, it had a wooden spire on top, but this was blown down in the great storm of 1703. In 1795 the doors were widened to house the town’s fire engine.

Over the years the number of bells housed in the tower has varied.

From first records in 1549 of four bells, to one in the Reformation, through various re-castings and augmentations to reach the ring of ten we have today

timeline for the bells

1549 – Four Bells

Valuation of church furniture in 1549 there were four bells in the tower One of the earliest references to the bells is in 1770 when the entire frame was replaced.

1792 – Six Bells

Above the door of the belfry is the peal board confirming that the last peal rung on the six bells was on the 30th July 1792.

The six old bells were recast hung on the old six-bell frame and another frame was added to accommodate the two new trebles. The new ring of eight bells were first rung less than a month later on the 21st August 1792.

1816 – Eight Bells

In 1816, several bells were recast and a heavier ring resulted but three of the 1792 bells were rehung. A new treble was added others moved and four new bells were cast to complete the ring of eight.

1877 – Ten Bells

In 1877, the old bells dated 1792, were cracked and it was necessary to recast them.

AJ Miller of Emlyn House (now called ‘Mansion House’) gave two new trebles as a memorial to his first wife to complete the ring of ten.


November 1923. The bells were dismantled and lowered to the ground. A photograph in the belfry shows them on the path outside the west door waiting transportation to the foundry.

An entirely new frame and fittings were installed and all the bells were tuned and rehung on ball bearings. The ninth bell was cracked and was recast. The first peal on the newly hung bells was rung on Easter Sunday, 1924.

The Leatherhead bells were re-tuned in 1964 resulting in the present ring of ten.

On the 20th January 2008, they were completely dismantled, the bearings were replaced and the frame refurbished.

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