Double Squint

The squint allows a view of the high altar from the North Transept, where the private side chapel would have been reserved for the social elite.

The unusual double squint was created in the early 14th century when the chancel was extended.

The second squint was cut to line up with the new position of the altar.

The opening (squint) cut into the wall enabled the person ringing a bell for the Sanctus and Elevation of the Host to see the priest stood at the high altar.

How the church comes to have a double squint

The opening cut through the masonry at eye level that you can see as you walk from the North Transept to the Chancel is called a squint. The squint enabled anyone in the Transept to see the elevation of the Host at the High Altar.

This squint is quite rare as it has two openings on the Chancel side separated by a stone divide called a mullion.

The western opening gave a view of the altar in its original 13th century location. The eastern extension is directed to the new altar position, which moved further back when the Chancel was extended around 1320.

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