Current worship arrangements

Next Sunday, 22 May, the 6th Sunday of Easter, we have:

  • Holy Communion at 1030am, followed by:
  • Our Annual Parish Meeting (APCM) in church at about 12.

The next 8am service will now be Sunday 5 June. There’s a separate post about services that weekend (combining the Queen’s Jubilee with Pentecost), and before that, Ascension Day on May 26.

We are still asking for masks to be worn in our services.

Our Rector, Revd Graham Osborne, took his last service before his retirement on 3rd October, and the parish is now in vacancy. This means we are relying on visiting priests, locums, to help us with our worship and to enable us to celebrate Holy Communion, and the arrangements may vary a bit from week to week.

We are aiming to have an 8am communion once a month, and 10:30 communion most Sundays, but with a non-eucharistic service of the word some Sundays instead. We will update this page every week, or if you’d like to receive a weekly email, please contact the parish office. Whether regular congregation or visitor, you will always be very welcome at any of our services.