Current worship arrangements

Our Annual Parish Meeting will be held in church after the morning service on May 22, at about 12 noon.

This is the meeting where we elect Churchwardens and PCC members (there are vacancies on the PCC if you would like to stand) and receive the annual report and accounts.

You may remember that last year, the accounts weren’t ready in time.  This year we’re much closer! The accounts have been prepared and have been with our auditor for some weeks.  They don’t have any major problems but there are a few niggles to sort out before we can sign off the accounts officially.  So the version that is available for the meeting is, we are fairly confident, correct in all the numbers, but not strictly the final version.

You can download that using the button below.

Please note that the page numbers aren’t properly sequential (all the pages are there, it’s just a numbering issue), and some of the notes to the accounts still say 2020 in the titles (but they do in fact refer to 2021, it’s just the titles that are out of synch).