2021 APCM and Electoral Roll

The 2021 APCM is on Wednesday 26 May at 7.30pm.

It will be held via Zoom and will include election to the PCC of 2 Churchwardens, 2 Assistant Churchwardens, 4 representatives of the laity and appointment of sidespeople (welcomers).

The Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2020 will be available from 19 May from the Parish Office. For copies, nomination papers and login details for the meeting, please contact the Parish Office.

To vote at our APCM you need to be on the Parish Electoral Roll. The following names form the Roll as of 12th May 2021. No further names may be added until after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on May 26th 2021.

Any corrections or deletions should be advised to the Parish Office.

Acott Mr Alan
Acott Mrs Carol
Andrews Mrs Jane
Bates Mrs Ruth
Beams Mrs Margaret
Berry Miss Susan
Brown Mr Andrew
Brown Mrs Hazel
Butler Mr Stuart
Cattermole Mr Denis
Cattermole Mrs Marion
Chambers Dr David
Chambers Dr Jane
Clifford Mrs Anne
Clifford Mr Grant
Cole Mr Martin
Cole Mrs Sheila
Corteen Miss Rosalind
Deville Mrs Gillian
Draper Ms Alison
Evans Mr Christopher
Fleming Mr Alan
Fleming Mrs Frances
Ford Mr Peter
Ford Mrs Sheila
Fowler Ms Ruth
Gale Mrs Diana
Goodchild Mrs Elisabeth
Grassly Mrs Rita
Grundy Mr Lance
Hack Mrs Gwendoline
Hampton Mrs Jacqueline
Hampton Mr John
Hardwick Mrs Veronica
Haslam Mr Frank
Hauxwell Mrs Linda
Hennegan Mr Brian
Hennegan Mrs Rosalie
Hodgkinson Mr John
Hodgkinson Mrs Patricia
Hodgkinson Mr Timothy
Hodson, Christopher John
Howatch Mrs Susan
Humphrey Mrs Sheileen
Jones Mrs Margaret
Kay Mr Hedley
Kay Mrs Veronica
Kerr Mrs Annabel
Knox Mrs Lesley
Lacey Mrs Jill
Leach Mrs Joan
Lewis Mr Michael
Lewis Mrs Molly
Lynch Mr Roger
Mehta Mrs Beverley
Mehta Mr Navin
Meikle Mrs Elizabeth
Milner Mr Charles
Milner Mrs Sally
Morris Mrs Kay
Nuttall Mrs Frances
Osborne Mrs Nicola
Pelley Mr Christopher
Penson Mrs Chris
Phillips Mrs Helen
Phillips Mr Oliver
Pountney Mr Graham
Pountney Mrs Susan
Price Mr Richard
Rive Miss Angela
Roberts Mrs Linda
Roberts Mrs Susan
Robinson Mrs June
Rosser Mrs Olive
Rousen Mr Andrew
Rowland Mrs Antonia
Rowland Mr Paul
Rowland Mr Simon
Sandoe Miss Judith
Sang Dr Peter
Scott Mrs Renoula
Shaw Mrs Fay
Shaw Mr Joseph
Stagg Mr Christopher
Stagg Mrs Janine
Stonehouse Mrs Beverley
Summerfield Mr Derrick
Summerfield Mrs Jane
Sutherland Mr John
Sutherland Mrs Sheila
Swanson Mr John
Swanson Mrs Sarah
Thomson Miss Anne
Tortise Mr Guy
Walker, Sophie
Warren Miss Yvonne
Waters Mrs Caroline
Waters Mr Douglas
Waters Mr Robin
Weetman Mr Eric
Weetman Mrs Patricia
West Mrs Julie
West Dr Martin
Wheeler Mr Charles
Wood Ms Alison
Wright Mrs Catherine
Yeates Dr Donald
Yeates Mrs Janet
Zeronian Mrs Pauline

Frank Haslam, Parish Electoral Roll Officer