This quiz has now closed. Congratulations to Webski who correctly answered every question

The Autumn Fayre Street Quiz 2016

To help advertise the Autumn Fayre 2016, we have teamed up with estate agents Gascoigne-Pees to display signboards around Leatherhead.

Can you recognise these streets? Each has at least one board displayed. Complete the quiz below (as many times as you like), however only submissions with a valid email address will have a chance to win a £10 gift voucher. (Full Terms & Conditions available here).

You can see the current leaderboard here

Name (or nickname - this may be displayed on the leaderboard)Email (leave blank if entering just for fun)
1) s01
2) s02
3) s03
4) s04
5) s10
6) s06
7) s07
8) s08
9) 9b
10) s05
11) s11
12) 12b
13) s13
14) s14
15) 15b
16) s15